NRA throws its weight behind local recall effort


This mailer was sent to a Democratic voter in Manitou Springs.

According to the organizers of the campaign to recall Senate President John Morse, theirs is a home-grown effort, supported by local donations, such as the $14,294 in-kind donation made by a local 501(c)(4), which was used to pay Kennedy Enterprises for petition gathering services.

They are David to the Morse-Bloomberg Goliath.

From the recall effort’s website:

Unlike Morse, we do not have an office, nor can we afford television commercials and radio ads that are paid for with out of state money. We must depend upon the generosity of local Colorado citizens to stand up and help us win.

Not anymore. Now that the National Rifle Association, fresh off its kill in the battle over federal background check legislation, has turned its attention to Senate District 11.

Perhaps the NRA had heard that El Paso County Commissioner Peggy Littleton declared April 4 “Friends of NRA Day.”

From the mailer: “Therefore, your NRA is coordinating a recall effort with the Basic Freedom Defense Fund to put Senator Morse on the ballot for a special election and vote him out of office.”

BFDF is the 501(c)(4) that was, at one point, working on a number of the state’s recall efforts.

From Christy Le Lait, with A Whole Lot of People for John Morse:

“Basic Freedom Defense Fund has released numerous statements to the media and on their website claiming to be a grassroots organization. But we know now that mailers and robo calls going out in our community are being funded by the national gun lobby. This isn’t about local voters anymore, this is about an influential outside group trying to come in here and push us around. SD11 voters need to know who’s really behind this recall.”

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